The Frank & The Earnest

Radiate by The Frank & The Earnest

The Frank & The Earnest is a young band meandering between Alternative Rock, Singer-Songwriter, Funk and Jazz. The nomadic and ever-changing ensemble around Brussels-based singer Franz Rothe consists of musicians from Germany, the U.S and the Netherlands. In 2018, after two albums, three Europe tours as well as concert series in Asia and the US - all under the name Franz & Frau Schneider - the band starts a new chapter with a new name, some new faces and their new record Radiate.

Recorded on a remote farm in Germany, followed by sessions in Brussels, the Netherlands, New York City, San Francisco and New Zealand, Radiate channels the diversity of The Frank & The Earnest’s musicians into a unique and inspiring sound. The soulful and lighthearted songs of singer Franz are carried by the powerful drive of drummer Felix Franz and multi-instrumentalist Max Rothe - both from the Alternative band [pi!] – as well as the renowned jazz guitarist Julian Gramm. The complex arrangements of vocalist Lukas Hofmann and the classical pianist Anne Bakker deepen the album’s radiant dynamic.

Always frank but never too earnest, Radiate takes the listener on a journey as it seamlessly twists and turns between the various genres that constitute its distinct sound.